2021 Intros

The year 2020 has been a trying one for every one of us, in many different ways. One bright spot has been having more time to work with my favorite flower. I was able to finish the evaluation of eight selected seedlings which made the cut for 2021 introduction. As additional attributes, all of this year's introductions produce magnificent seedlings with few culls. Their genetic influence is already seen in generations of future introductions just waiting to be completely evaluated. Two tetraploids this year which are wonderful plants, each in their own right. I have bloomed seedlings from both of them which are outstanding in plant habit and flower beauty. Six introductions are diploids, and have all proven themselves to be not only produce beautiful blooms on healthy plants, but that they breed future generations much better than themselves. I am very happy with this year's intros, and I hope you find something worthwhile to use in either your garden or a hybridizing program. Enjoy the beauty!

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