The year 2020 has been a trying one for every one of us, in many different ways. One bright spot has been having more time to work with my favorite flower. I was able to finish the evaluation of eight selected seedlings which made the cut for 2021 introduction. As additional attributes, all of this year's introductions produce magnificent seedlings with few culls. Their genetic influence is already seen in generations of future introductions just waiting to be completely evaluated. Two tetraploids this year which are wonderful plants, each in their own right. I have bloomed seedlings from both of them which are outstanding in plant habit and flower beauty. Six introductions are diploids, and have all proven themselves to be not only produce beautiful blooms on healthy plants, but that they breed future generations much better than themselves. I am very happy with this year's intros, and I hope you find something worthwhile to use in either your garden or a hybridizing program. Enjoy the beauty!

What You Think

Gayle Story

WHAT YOU THINK (KINDERGARTEN CLOWN x NATURE'S BLUE WITCHES BREW) X BOOGIE WOOGIE BLUES2 diploid;4" bloom;24" scape; 5-way branching; late midseason;Sev; REB; UF; I have grown this little guy for several years now and always marvel at its persistence and performance. The plants are extremely vigorous and hardy. Fans consistently produce two scapes per fan, and will rebloom immediately! The cute blooms are always sporting those tightly quilled sepals which make the flower much bigger than it looks. Blooms are light purple with heavily recurved petals covered with deep purple veins. Bright green throat blends into the pale lavender blue eyezone. The pale purple tightly quilled sepals make this little guy a bitone. Very fertile both ways. So, what you think of my baby? $50.00 per division.

Nature's Reverberations

Gayle Story

NATURE’S REVERBERATIONS (RAINBOW OVER MARIETTA X KALEIDOSCOPIC INTRIGUE)4 DIPLOID; 7-1/2" TO 8" BLOOMS;50" SCAPE; 4-5 way branching; ML season; Sev;Very fragrant; Reb This plant has been a stunner from its first bloom season. The tall scapes and huge blooms just blow me away every time I see it. Deeply ruffled cream white petals are centered with extensive variegated and veined deep purple patterns with gray and blue areas. The pattern covers three-fourths of the petal surface. Sepals show a matching pattern in lighter tones. The chartreuse eyezone extends into a deep green throat. One of the best diploid patterned parents I have had the pleasure to work with! Exceptional in every way, from the healthy plants to the extremely tall, strong scapes with nicely spaced branching, to the stunning blooms. $250.00 per single fan, HOLDING FOR INCREASE

Nature's Peekaboo Blue

Gayle Story

NATURE’S PEEK-A-BOO BLUE (LITTLE LEPRECHAUN X ALMIRA BUFFALO BONE JACKSON)4" bloom;26" scape; 3 branches;EM;Reb;dor;Fragrant This daylily is not the most striking daylily in the garden, but the genetics are proving it to be a stellar parent. One of the bluest eyezones produced here yet came from this parent. NATURE'S PEEKABOO BLUE was named because it 'peeks' at you from all its neighbors, until you notice that the eyezone is very clear. The light pink-cream petals are centered with a pale lavender-blue eyezone surrounded by a purple pencil margin. Pale purple veins cut through the eyezone into a celery green halo surrounding a deep green throat. Sepals are brushed with purple chevrons which surround lavender-blue brushed areas which surround a celery green halo. Petals and sepals are surrounded with white ruffles. PEEKABOO BLUE reblooms if not loaded with too many pods, and is fertile both ways. A good choice to work with in cleaning up colors in most any genre'. $25.00 SF

Man Of Thunder

*MAN OF THUNDER (BLACK CHERRY BEAUTY X BUFFALO THUNDER)7 Tet; 29" scape;5" bloom; 3 branches; Mid; Reb; Sev; Fragrant This is probably the best of the direct BLACK CHERRY BEAUTY kids introduced in recent years. The deep violet purple petals are surrounded by crystal white picotee edges which really set off the flowers. A light purple halo eyezone extends out into the petals in a brushed pattern. The pale white/yellow eyezone on the sepals really sets off the coloration of the blooms. Petals are edged in angel wings and heavy ruffling. Flowers have good substance and the color holds well in rain and heat. One of the prettiest purple daylilies in a clump you will see. This plant is a very hardy guy, and increases fairly well. Fertile both ways. To its seedlings MAN OF THUNDER imparts large blooms with deep, velvety colors and nice edges on the petals, great plant habits, as well . One left at $100.00 DF

Indigo Delight

Gayle Story

INDIGO DELIGHT (BLUE EYES WHITE DRAGON X BLUE BUBBLE)diploid, 20" scape, 4" bloom, 3 branches, reblooms, Mid, DOR, FR This seedlings was produced from seed purchased on the Lily Auction. I hesitated registering this one, but it is such a fantastic parent, I feel it would be negligent not to share its potential. The near white ruffled petals are centered with a patterned indigo eyezone which blends through several variations of blue into a pencil purple rim. The eyezone is speared by white midribs extending into the chartreuse to green throat. The sepals have lighter patterns on them which gives the bloom a slight bitone appearance. This is a special daylily for its immense breeding potential, beautiful blooms, and hardy plant habits. I have sold several seeds and seedlings on the LA which have this plant in their parentage under the seedling name BEWD-BB. Very limited number of plants available for spring delivery! $50.00 SF

Coming Age 2021

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COMING AGE (JANE HIZWIFE X SUPER FANCY FACE)#7; diploid; 22" scape; 4" bloom; 3 branches;REBLOOMS;Sev; fragrant This daylily exhibits a trait I am seeing pop up quite a bit as my lines become more stable, and that is the streaked sepals. Ruffled mulberry petals are centered with a clear blue eyezone which is one of the clearest in the garden. Deep purple veining covers entire petal area. Near white sepals have mulberry streaks in random patterns along midribs.On the petals, white midribs extend into the deep green throat. This daylily is an example of the COMING AGE in daylilies of beautiful and unique colors, patterns, and forms. COMING AGE is a very hardy plant, having survived a very cold open winter on top of the ground when I missed resetting the plant into the observation bed a couple of years ago. Fertile both ways, and is proving to be an interesting parent! SOLD OUT

Cherry Popsicle

Gayle Story

CHERRY POPSICLE BIG BOUNCIN' BEN X (NATURE'S LITTLE QUIRK x SUBSTANTIAL EVIDENCE) Diploid, 5"bloom, 39" scape with at least 4-way branching, EM,REB Sev This was a keeper from the first day I saw it! With its clear cherry red blooms carried on the tall and very nicely branched scapes, it really catches your eye in the garden. The petals are centered by an expansive white to chartreuse eyezone on both petals and sepals with a deep green throat finishing off the blooms. For further enhancement,a thin white picotee edge on petals adds further excitement. Very fertile both ways, and has produced some lovely seedlings now under trial. Very healthy and hardy plants make this daylily valuable in the northern areas for both hybridizing and landscape use. HOLDING FOR INCREASE

All That Matters

Gayle Story

*ALL THAT MATTERS (BLACK CHERRY BEAUTY X MERLOT) X (DARK PRINCE X MERLOT)TET;40"scape;6"bloom;4-5 way branching;Reb;Dor; I chose the name ALL THAT MATTERS because this daylily has all that truly matters in hybridizing daylilies. Gorgeous flowers which open well and hold up in inclement weather: tall, sturdy and well branched scapes with tons of buds (this one bud-builds); healthy plant habits which seldom show signs of any disease or weather damage, and it is easily used for hybridizing. This flower is a stunner in the garden. The tall scapes hold the majestic flowers high for viewing. The deep wine petals are veined in deep purple over the entire surface. Gold ruffled edges surround the petals and the gold to deep green chevron eyezone really sparks up the blooms. Slight pleating in throat area adds some drama. This daylily has been a cornerstone parent both pollen and pod for a few years now, and has proven to be valuable for producing deep colors in red, purple, and wine with exemplary plant habits in the seedlings . It throws better than itself, which is what you want in a parent. A beautiful landscape plant, this is one daylily you can't walk by without admiring it. ALL THAT MATTERS has truly all that matters. $100.00 SF

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