Nature's Edge Daylilies Previous Introductions


ALABASTER ELEGANCE (PURE VANILLA x BIG SNOWBIRD sdl); 5"bloom, 28" scape with 4 branches, Mid,Re, Sev, Fr This is the first registration from my lovely PURE VANILLA. It is a bigger, better plant in every way, with whiter color and still retains the gorgeous form of PURE VANILLA. A clean alabaster white self with a bright green throat, it makes a lovely garden addition. The seedling pollen parent combines the genetics of every good white diploid introduced in the last 20 years. Unfortunately, I lost it in the floods a couple of years ago, but have ALABASTER ELEGANCE to carry on these lines. Not too many good white diploids are being released in recent years, and this one promises to be one of the best! Fertile both ways, hardy and healthy in zone 5. Nice divisions $35.00


BANJO MUSIC Diploid; (Bold Awakening x Nature's Blue Waves)x (Seedling X Super Fancy Face) Bloom 5";Scape 28"; EM; RE, Dormant. This lovely pale cream flower with the light lavender-blue eyezone has been a joy to work with for several seasons. I have kept it so loaded with pods that it has had a difficult time providing increase, but has proven itself to be a valuable parent. The eyezone in this bloom carries deep purple veining centered with a screaming green throat, and surrounded by a pencil edge. A lighter version of this pattern is presented on the sepals, setting the blooms off with great success. If you look closely, a small metallic gold edge and purple picotee surround the petals, very unusual in a diploid! SOLD OUT


ALEXANDER JAMES MENGES SEV, Noct 3 BR, 18 buds: This is a beautiful clear purple with an interesting color pattern in the lighter blue halo eye, white mid-ribs, and lighter sepals. A full sib to Nature's Magic Mirror, this has a 4-1/2" bloom and a 29" scape; reblooms reliably in Zone 5! Named for our first grandchild in honor of his first birthday. HOLDING FOR INCREASE

Benjamin Matthew Menges

BENJAMIN MATTHEW MENGES (STORY 09 reg). This beautiful recurved bright raspberry purple tet is named to honor our second grandchild. With 6" plus blooms on 32" scapes which have at least 3 branches with 18 buds, it is a beautiful garden worthy daylily. The blooms are surrounded with a prominent silver edging which can have loopy ruffles, shark's teeth and fringing all at the same time. Blooming midseason with rebloom, this one keeps me happy for a long time in this northern garden. One of my most used purples, I kept several of its progeny for further evaluation. BENJAMIN MATTHEW MENGES as a parent breeds better than itself, producing almost 7" purples and reds with huge plants. HOLDING FOR INCREASE


BIG BOUNCIN' BEN ((CHOO CHOO CABOOSE x DENA MARIE) X (WILD ABOUT HARRY x NATURE'S WINGS OF MORNING)) dip 6-1/4", , 30" scape, 4-5 way branching, 20 buds, EXT, EM, RE, FR, DOR You won't find a more brilliant or spectacular red on the market than BIG BOUNCIN' BEN, named for my youngest grandson. The bright true red petals are sparked by white midribs, a HUGE green throat which extends to the sepals, along with the white halo. BBB also is a tremendous pod parent, passing along its tall and very well branched scapes along with hardiness. If you want a stop traffic daylily, this is it, visitors flock to the far end of the garden where this grows to exclaim about the color and the size of the bloom. From several generations of breeding for true reds with exemplary plant habit, I am very happy and proud to introduce BIG BOUNCIN' BEN to the daylily lovers everywhere. nice divisions $25.00

Black Amethyst

BLACK AMETHYST height 21 in.(53 cm), bloom 4 in.(10 cm), season MLa, Semi-Evergreen, Diploid, Fragrant, Dark red purple with pink veins and a dark green throat. (Gunmetal × Ra Hansen) One of the first daylilies which will do color change from day to day. Not a fader, but will show patterns and different faces each day. Very fertile both ways, and has given some odd and completely new colors in daylilies. Hardy in the north, and very scarce! $25.00 DF


BLACK CHERRY BEAUTY 5-3/4” flower, 34” scape with 4-5 way branching, midseason and reblooms, fragrant, very fertile both ways. Seedling no. H.H.BLCK. Velvety black cherry self with white picotee edge. Large white to bright green throat. Extremely good parent , will set every pod. VERY LIMITED $50.00 df


BLACK CHERRY MERLOT 2019 (Black Cherry Beauty x Merlot) Tet; Bloom 5-3/4";Height 34";M;RE;Branches 3;Buds 15;FR;SEV This gorgeous flower combines the best of both its parents. The blooms are a velvety cherry red with a slightly lighter red halo. The blooms are covered by near black veining, and are surrounded by a bright white, fringy toothy edge. The form is round and very ruffled with angel wings on the base of the petals. Flowers open well after cold nights, and hold their color and finish well. One of my favorites of the Black Cherry Beauty kids! Fertile both ways. $40.00 df

Blue Monkey

BLUE MONKEY dip 2018 MONKEY FACE X (( GOLDEN HIBISCUS x SUPER FANCY FACE) X TEXAS KALEIDOSCOPE)). 4" bloom; 29" scape with 4-way branching; midseason bloom, REB; Sev. This little daylily almost got overshadowed by its sib and half-sib, but came shining through for its gorgeous clear BLUE coloration. It has always been very fertile with lovely plant habits. Study it closely, there is a lot going on in those flowers; white edges, veining and pattern, bicolor, etc. I have used BLUE MONKEY in my blue lines, but also in patterns as the pollen parent throws amazing patterns in the 2nd and 3rd generations. This is a very good daylily both as a garden plant and hybridizing tool! $25.00


BLUE PLANET TET 6” bloom, 30” scape, 4 branches, Sev; Blue-purple petals with extremely large blue eye. Triple ruffled edge on petals of blue to white. Sepals centered with white eye. Very green throat. $40.00 df


BLUE SKY BREEZE diploid 6-1/2” bloom, 27” scape, 4 branches, Near white petals with wide near blue eyezone on both ruffled petals and sepals. Eyezone bleeds into petal color on edge of eye. Blue eyezone transitions through veined pattern from white into a bright green throat. Very fertile both ways and a good parent. Form will sometimes open flat instead of rolled back. $40.00 nice divisions


CHIEF GOLDEN EAGLE Story 2018 MONKEY FACE X ((GOLDEN HIBISCUS x SUPER FANCY FACE) X TEXAS KALEIDOSCOPE))5" bloom; 33" scape; 6-way candelabra branching, 30 buds. I have been waiting for a super quality seedling to give this name. My husband is part Cherokee, and this is his Indian Guide name, so his namesake has to be incredibly special! CHIEF GOLDEN EAGLE is a pale yellow with a very intricate patterned eyezone, pinched midribs, and a dark purple pencil edge on the rims of the petals. It is the scape, high fertility, and plant habits that set this daylily apart (see next photo). It never shows any sign of disease or even insect damage. Flowers hold well in inclement weather, and it has survived harsh winter weather, flooding, and drought. A super parent, there are several of its kids under further evaluation for introduction. $75.00 per division


CHILD OF SHADOWS (INDIAN GIVER x LAVENDER BLUE BABY) X NATURE'S MORNING SUN; 4-1/2" bloom, 27" scape, 3 branches, M, Re, Dormant, FR LIGHT AND SHADOW has been a standout since it first bloomed here for its contrast in colors. It is a good grower, hardy here in zone 5 with little care. Looks just like its picture every day, opens pretty well on those chilly mornings. The blooms are sun and rain resistent except on the very hottest days or the most pounding rains. Fertile both ways. Gorgeous in the garden! $50.00 LIMITED


CHRISTMAS SPIRIT (MOONLIGHT SAIL X RED WHIMSEY); 6-1/2" bloom;44" scape with 4-way branching, MLa, Re, Fr Sev, fragrant. CHRISTMAS SPIRIT is just a stunning daylily! It’s clear, intense, sunfast red color with the SHARKY white edging really catches your eye. I am using it to add height, vigor and branching to my toothy lines. Fertile both ways, and first kids look wonderful! Has an unusual genetic background for a toothy, so makes a good outcross for stagnant lines. $50.00 SOLD OUT TILL 2022


CLAUDINE SCHEETER, tet, 6" bloom, 27" scape with 3-4 way branching, fragrant, ext. MLA, CANCUN HONEYMOON X (ALEXA KATHRYN x RAINBOW ITALIAN ICE) This has been a beauty since its initial bloom, the color just glows in the garden. Add the wonderful edge, and beautiful plant habit and you have a winner! Named for a wonderful lady who has encouraged me in my hybridizing since I started nearly 30 years ago. Nice plants at $25.00

Contra Dance

CONTRA DANCE, (Story 04) , 3-1/2” bloom, 22” scape, midseason, re, 2 branches, 16 buds, Sev. Diploid This little daylily has been my best breeder for patterned diploids, being a child of ORIENTAL EYES. It has so much going on in the bloom, from veining on the clear lavender petal, which flows into the white halo eye, the lighter lavender sepals, and the ruffled edges. Named for the Appalachian style of dancing which incorporates both square dancing and English line dancing, CONTRA DANCE is one beautiful little flower. $35.00 sf HOLDING FOR INCREASE


CONVERGENCE, Story 2018, (NATURE'S LITTLE QUIRK x DRAGONFLY IN FLIGHT) 5-1/2" bloom; 36" scapes, 4-5 way branching on 36" scapes, 30 buds, reblooms; EM CONVERGENCE has been a standout for beautiful blooms since the first day it bloomed, not to mention the outstanding bud count and beautiful branching. It is extremely fertile as well, will set every pod, even in inclement weather. Blooms are an unusual lavender/peach blend, sometimes pale but sometimes more vibrant . A large washed purple eyezone extends along the white midribs and then fades into the chartreuse throat. Slight orange edges are seen along the ends of the petals, but are sometimes hidden when the blooms roll back. This is a very good parent, throwing interesting colors and patterns with healthy plant habits to its children. $50.00 sf division


COVEN ({CONTRA DANCE x ACADIAN MYSTIQUE} X FAULKNER LINES sdl.); 5"bloom, 29" scape with 4-way branching, EM, RE,Sev, Fr COVEN was picked for introduction at its initial bloom as a year old seedling in 2014. It is a very fast increaser, which is why I am registering so early. The blooms of COVEN are very interesting and provoke close inspection. The grape purple petals are centered with a deep black purple eye from which black veins descend into a white/green throat. COVEN has some pleating in the throat as well, which adds to the mystery. Very ruffled petals are surrounded by a black purple picotee edge which is then surrounded by a thin white picotee on both petals and sepals. All of this complexity is set off by a startling white eye on the sepals only. This is one of the best diploid daylilies to be born here at Nature's Edge in recent years. I have used it heavily as both a pod and pollen parent, and am amazed at the quality of its kids!! Huge white throats, and patterns are showing up in every cross,and on great plants! $100.00 DF

Custard Cup Lemon

CUSTARD CUP LEMON, Story 09, 6-1/4" bloom, 29" scape, 3 branches with 18 buds, will rebloom; Dormant; extended; nocturnal. Nature's Wings of Morning seedling x Linda Agin; One of the icons of Danville, Illinois is The Custard Cup, a local frozen custard shop which has been in business for 60+ years. I worked my first job there as a teen and the favorite flavor on the menu is their lemon custard. This daylily reminds me of that tangy sweet treat, with its smooth lemon petals and the ruffly lighter edge which looks like the edges of the dips of custard. Spectacular for its size and presence, it is also a stellar parent, breeding all colors from bright roses to purples and whites. Fertile both ways, but pollen must be gathered the night before as this daylily opens just after midnight. $15.00 TF or better


DAUGHTER OF SHADOWS 2019 (Indian Giver x Lavender Blue Baby)X Nature's Morning Sun Bloom 4";Height 30";EM;RE;Branches 4;Buds 20;Sev;diploid; This is a full sister to my 2017 intro Child of Shadows, but has a different 'look' to it, a brighter color pattern and shorter scape. The color is deep violet with a lovely lavender/blue eye, a clean white picotee on the petals sets off the rich colors. The bright green throat bleeds into a white halo. Color holds well in rain and hot weather, and the flowers open easily here in zone 5. The petals very often will pinch, so this daylily could be used with UF form parents for some beautifully colored seedlings. Very hardy, I have not pampered this daylily at all, giving it only the leaves that fall on it as winter protection. Fertile both ways. $75.00 df only one or two left!


ELEGANT GENTLEMAN (2018) (MIDNIGHT ELEGANCE x VICTORIAN GENTLEMAN) 6-1/4" blooms; 28" scapes with 4-way branching; MLA, RE; frag; Sev ELEGANT GENTLEMAN is just that, an elegantly formed, clear violet purple highlighted by a washed lavender halo. The brilliantly clean white eye surrounds a nice green throat. The petals are surrounded by a nearly black picotee edge which really makes the toothy, fringed silver picotee shine. I marked this seedling to keep the first day it bloomed. We had a heavy rain the night before the first bloom opened, but it did not show any signs of blemishes. The pic here is of a bloom which had gone through a hot day, followed by rain. It does show a few marks where the rain hit it the hardest, but is relatively unscathed. Fertile both ways, it has been a prolific parent for me the last 3 years and thrown several keeper seedlings. $45.00 df


ELEGANT SWAN tet ((VICTORIAN LACE x MICHAEL MILLER) X NATURE'S WEDDED BLISS), sdl.#VL-MMxNWB; 6-1/2" blooms, 35" scapes with 4 way branching, 20 buds, SEV, MLa, reblooms This has been my main hybridizing parent in the 'white' class for some time now, and it never fails to produce beautiful children. A very pale ice pink with a bright green throat which blends out to yellow gold halo. the color is elegant and pristine. A near white ruffled edge with a metallic gold crimped filigree on petal edges and white midribs finish off this beauty. Rock hardy in the north, it is a worthy addition to this class of daylilies. Pic does not do her justice! DF division $50.00


FEELING FANCY tet (SPRINKLED IN SPRINGTIME x SHORES OF TIME) X NATURE'S WEDDED BLISS, sdl.#SIS-SOTXNWB; 6-1/2" blooms, 3 branches, 18 buds, M, SEV, reblooms, fragrant This is the second of the breeder seedlings from NATURE'S WEDDED BLISS I am releasing this year, and it is a beauty! The heavy substanced lavender petals are surrounded by a 1/2" sharkey fringing of bright lemon. Centering these fancy concoctions is a yellow applique eye which deepens into a grass green throat. No picture can do these gorgeous flowers justice, as you can't pick up the sparkling look of them! Very hardy here in zone 5 with wonderful plant habits, visitors always comment on the sheer beauty of this daylily. One of the best parents I have used for pastels and near-whites with very heavy edges, I have taken it to the deeper colors of my toothy lines. VERY LIMITED $50.00 df


FINAL GREETING tet LATE {(BENZ ANGEL'S SMILE sdl x {TOMORROW'S DREAM x ANGEL'S SMILE}) X MRS. JOHN COOPER] X (AZURE VIOLETS X {CREATIVE EDGE x LAKE EFFECT}) 5-3/4" bloom, 30" scape, 4-way branching with 20 buds, Late with instant rebloom, DORMANT This beauty doesn't begin blooming here until at least the middle of August, and will rebloom until cut down by frost. Sets pods with ease even on rebloom scapes. The saturated lavender color on the petals is surrounded by a pale pink picotee edge with a small teeth. The halo is repeated on the sepals, and the whole thing is set off by a deep green throat. This flower is refreshing in the autumn with all the yellows, browns and gold, blends into the fall landscape well. A very nice looking plant habit makes it a great landscape plant as well as a hybridizing tool for late bloomers. I can't say enough good things about FINAL GREETING, it is just a good daylily! Nice plants at $25.00

Gayla's Oriental Eyes

GAYLA'S ORIENTAL EYES 3” bloom, 24” scape, Sev, M-Mla, Light lavender with a cream watermark surrounded by a washed blue eye zone, encircled by a dark purple band . This cultivar is sometimes a small flower UF with quilled sepals and at other times rolls back into a round form. Registered in 1996, this is still an excellent parent giving exciting seedlings such as Nature's Purple Butterfly. This makes small fans. $25.00 df


GHOST BABY (Story 2013) This is a cute little guy with an interesting color pattern. Blooms are about 3-3/4" on well branched 26" scapes with lots of buds. The color pattern is interesting as it incorporates both the 'ghost' markings of its pod parent GHOST WHISPERS, but also has the variegated blue eye of its pollen grandmother. Makes very small fans. $45.00 sf

Ghost Whispers

GHOST WHISPERS This is a 5" bloom, 21 " scape, 15 buds, blooms early midseason out of Ben Lee x Contra Dance. Reblooms here in Illinois. GHOST WHISPERS has an unusual eyezone with spots and bands of white, which are transmitted to its seedlings. One if the first patterned daylilies with white 'ghost' markings to be introduced. Very popular and always in short supply. $35.00 division


GOOD CLEAN BREW dip (GOOD CLEAN LIFE X NATURE'S BLUE WITCHES BREW) sdl.#GCL-NBWB; 4-1/2"blooms, 38" scape with 5-way branching, 22 buds, reblooms, M, Dormant This is the result of crossing my two best blue-eyed parents. GOOD CLEAN BREW is a good name for this daylily, it is very clear and intensely colored. Near-white petals surround a variegated patterned blue eyezone with spots of white and bands of charcoal, azure blue, deep purple. Pattern eye is repeated on the sepals in lighter shades. The petals are surrounded by a picotee edge, something that is popping up now in the diploids. Her intense green throat really sets off the blue of the eyezone. This daylily never seems to be out of bloom, and will set every pod, no matter the weather (unless you try it in the rain!) A wonderful addition to the arsenal of genetics for breeding blue-eyed and patterned diploid daylilies. $25.00 DF one left!

Good Clean Life

GOOD CLEAN LIFE (Story 09) Manhattan Style x Sdlg.; 6-/2" bloom, 41" scape with 4 branches, 23 buds and bud builds till frost; late to very late. GOOD CLEAN LIFE is one of the best daylilies I have grown but few visitors see it since it blooms late. The branching is incredible as it has at least 4 branches all with terminal "y's" on the ends. Flower quality is consistent even on the side branches. Color on this flower is one I have worked long to achieve, a clear white with a very clear near blue eye. Although the form can vary from rounded to almost UF with pinched sepals, the bloom is always striking. My husband says if you live a GOOD CLEAN LIFE, miracles happen every day. This daylily creates miracles in its seedlings giving great eyezones in various blue colors, many with patterns. This is also a great landscape plant to brighten up all those late summer yellows. $25.00 df


GOOD CLEAN THOUGHTS(2014) (GOOD CLEAN LIFE X BLUE MOUSE #8) diploid This is the first child of GOOD CLEAN LIFE to be registered and it continues the clean colors of its pod parent. The blooms are about 5" on nice 27" scapes with 3-4 branches. Plants are semi-evergreen and very healthy. Blooms midseason with immediate rebloom. I bloomed several seedlings from this daylily this summer and was very impressed with the quality. The blue eyes were intense & clear, covering most of the petal area. I think this daylily and its parents are going to be very important in the continued development of a blue daylily. $25.00 DF


HARMONY IN BLUE 2019 (Heaven's Mirage x Blue grass Memories) x (Blue Hippo x Blue Desire) Bloom 6";Height 27;EM;RE;Branches 3; Buds 15;FR;SEV Tet I have observed Harmony in Blue for a few seasons now, and always admire how well the colors harmonize, hence the name. The clear lavender petals with a bright lavender/blue edge and huge matching eyezone are set off with little silver teeth on the petal edges. White midribs are very prevalent in the color scheme and arrow into the bright green throat. The colors are different on the sepals which have a white halo surrounded by a light lavender rim. This is a stunningly lovely flower when seen in person, a daylily which also has very nice foliage and plant habits. Though not as tall as some I introduce, she still grabs your attention. As a parent, Harmony in Blue throws very intense coloration and steps up the clarity of the blue tones in its kids. Fertile both ways, and when happy, sets pods with large amounts of viable seeds. Very limited quantity available! $75.00 sf


HER EYES WERE BLUE tet (ETCHED FANTASY X WHICH WAY)Sdl.#EF-WW1; 4" bloom, 27" scape, 3 branches 15 buds, Blooms Mla, SEV. This is a tremendous parent for blue eyed tets with both small and large flowers. Very fertile both ways, and nicely fragrant as well, it is a wonderful landscape plant. The eye is clear blue-lavender with no muddy tones on light pink petals. Colors are outlined with a narrow magenta picotee on the petal edges and around the eyezone. Special and a very balanced flower. Named in honor of my Himalayan cat, Lily, who had the clearest blue eyes you will ever see. nice division $45.00


HOT MAMA (2014) [CARY GRANT X VIVID AND RICH] HOT MAMA was one of the stars of the 2010 crop which bloomed as year old plants in 2009. It is one of the most intense red daylilies I have seen. Blooms are 6" on 40" scapes with 4-5 way branching and as many as 30 buds. blooms have a small white fringe around the petals and a lighter red halo eye. This is one of the best pod parents I have ever used in the red lines, setting even difficult pollens. It throws seedlings with its intense color, and great plant habits. The edges are larger and more intensified in the seedlings. Being 3/4 Kirchoff red breeding, it cannot help but be good. Semi-evergreen plants, rebloom and fragrant make it a win-win! Nice sf plants are limited. $45.00

Illiniwek's Headdress

ILLINIWEK’S HEADDRESS Magnificent Rainbow X Mildred Mitchell 6" bloom 27" scape This daylily is named in honor of the now defunct 81 year tradition of the University of Illinois CHIEF ILLINIWEK, who met his demise at the hands of the meddling NCAA. Although not exactly orange and blue, this daylily is close with its melon-orange petals and purple blue eye. Sometimes blooming as a UF, this daylily is interesting to say the least. Fertile both ways. As are all my plants, this is hardy in Illinois with no pampering. $25.00 DF


JILLIAN CAROL STORY Tet (Heaven's Mirage X Screen Pattern)X (Heaven's Mirage X Screen Pattern) Bloom 6", Scape 28" with 3 branches, 15 buds; EM; fragrant; SEV. I named this lovely daylily for our first granddaughter in honor of her first birthday. This flower is as much a joy as Jillian herself is. Opens well on cold mornings, and the color is gorgeous. The flowers are very clear in color, but vary from day to day with her overall look; some days there is a distinct division of the blue and purple bands in the eyezone, and other days it appears more solid as in this pic. The pattern is always there, just more defined at times. Plants are hardy, healthy, and very fertile both ways. $50.00 sf


JUKE BOX; (KINDERGARTEN CLOWN X EXTREME FANCY FACE);5" bloom,40" scape,6 branches,35 buds not uncommon; MLa,Re,Dormant, Fr, JUKE BOX is proving to be one of my best parents, especially as a pod parent, for interesting patterned eyezones. It will set every pod, even in adverse weather conditions. The blooms are unusual for a diploid, as the petals sport a triple edge with nice ruffles. That gorgeous purple eyezone is unusual as well when you notice the veined pattern, white midribs darting into the heart of the flower and the intense green throat. The deep PURPLE (not magenta) band surrounding the eye is extra wide, not something you usually see either. JUKE BOX is an important parent for adding gorgeous plant habit, near-perfect scapes, and unusual patterns to its progeny. Very vigorous and a quick to increase plant, even when loaded with pods. HELD FOR INCREASE UNTIL 2023


KALEIDOSCOPE MAKER Story 2018(LAVENDER KALEIDOSCOPE x RAINBOW MAKER) 5-1/2" bloom; 30" scape; 6-way branching; tons of buds; ML, RE Frag. Sev. Ruffled lavender petals have a light blue halo with white streaks and dark blue-purple veins. The bright green throat transitions through rings of green/brown and purple into the blue eyezone. Lighter sepals have a pure green/white halo eye surrounded by a dark purple mascara ring. This is a striking daylily in the garden, for its height and number of flowers on the clump and also the clear color. I selected this seedling only in 2015, and it is a very fast increaser, growing to 5 fans when only a 2 year old plant. I have bloomed a very small number of kids from this daylily, but they were quite promising. A large number of its kids will bloom in 2019, and I am excited to see them! Makes a good outcross for both patterns and blue eyed lines! $35.00


KINDERGARTEN CLOWN (2014) Nature's Little Quirk x Nature's Purple Butterfly A repeat of a cross made several years ago which yielded several good small flowered UF seedlings. This little guy is 4", on 5-way branched, 33" scapes. Lots going on with color and pattern here. Makes a beautiful clump. Extremely fertile, setting nearly every pod which are full of seed. Throws lots of different types of patterns; eyed and banded,bitones & bicolors, pattern eyes, blue eyes, etc. A lot of seed and seedlings have been released from this variety on the Lily Auction. Limited Quantity! $35.00 DF


LITTLE BLUE CALICO Diploid; Nature's Blue Witches Brew X (Seedling x Super Fancy Face);Blooms 4"; Scapes 30" with 4 branches and 16 buds; EM; Reb; Dormant; Fragrant. This little guy is one of the best breeders for 'blue' eyes I have had the pleasure of using. Besides that, it has near-perfect show scapes, and is very hardy in zone 5. The petals are pale pink with a large blue-lavender eyezone on petals and sepals which are surrounded by a deep purple pencil eyezone. Flowers are bi-tones, as the eyezone on the sepals is lighter than the petals. Very fertile both ways, will set nearly every pod, even under stress conditions. This daylily produces multitudes of seed per pod. I have sold quite a bit of seed on the Lily Auction from this plant under the seedling designation NBWB-EFF. Little Blue Calico does not make huge plants, but plants which are in scale with the blooms and scape height, making a gorgeous edging plant for the garden. Nice divisions $100.00


LUXURIOUS 2019 (Talladega x When Royals Dream) Bloom 6-1/2";Height 28";M; RE; Branches 4;Buds 20; FR; EV (hardy); Tet When this beauty first bloomed, I could not believe my eyes at how perfect a red this plant was! From its plant habit to the quality of the bloom, I could not find fault with it. The name fits this flower perfectly, as it gives the viewer the impression of pure luxury! The clean vermilion red petals are very ruffled and carry a 1/2" wide, creamy white toothy fringe. The petals are veined with dark red, and the blooms are further enhanced with a light red halo. Form on this red is somewhat triangular which shows off the edging superbly. In hybridizing, I have taken Luxurious to all colors, and have some astounding seedlings of many colors selected. Luxurious has very fertile pollen, pod fertile also. $200.00 SF


MARILYN ANN This daylily was my Mother's favorite on her last trip through the seedling bed before her accident, so I am naming it in her honor. From a cross of ED BROWN- MILDRED MITCHELL x an Australian seedling known as JUST BIZARRE, it is a 6-3/4 " beauty on 37" scapes with 4 branches. The bud count on average is 22, blooms midseason with rebloom. The clear lavender blue petals are enhanced by a dark blue-purple pencil band surrounding a clear blue halo which blends into a green throat. The white midribs, triple picotee edge of purple to lavender to white, and bitone pastel lavender sepals surrounded by a purple picotee only enhance the elegant blooms further. MARILYN ANN is an easy parent both ways, throwing kids with clear near- blue colors, excellent plant habit and hardiness $25.00DF


MASON KITTELL (Story 2011). This has been an exceptional parent for "green" edged daylilies and is the foundation I have been building these lines on for several years. One of the surprises from this flower is the 'crested' doubles which have been popping up. From the cross of ED BROWN X THE FLOWER FORMERLY KNOWN AS GRIFF, it has exceptional plant habit, with large 6-1/2"blooms and nice 30" scapes with 18 buds. Re-blooms with enough moisture in Illinois. A hardy semi-evergreen, it is pollen fertile, sets pods but is more difficult than most of my intros. Although MASON KITTELL blooms with the doubling only about 25% of the time, a high percentage of its seedlings show the crested form. $25.00 DF


MERMAID'S LAIR tet (ENCHANTING ESMERALDA x JOSHUA SLOCUM) X TEXAS BLUE EYES, sdl.#EE-JSxTXBLI; 5-1/2" blooms, 37" scapes with 4 branches, 24 buds, MLa, reblooms, fragrant, SEV This is one of the parents which is redefining my blue-eyed tet program. It is the pod parent of the future TEXAS BLUE EYES squared seedlings, and a half-sib to last year's BLUE PLANET. The plant habit is the best I have seen in blue-eyed daylilies ,with beautifully spaced branching and high bud counts. Along with that clear cerulean blue eyezone that looks just like the picture, MERMAID'S LAIR makes a gorgeous clump! As a parent, this daylily passes on her clear blue eyezone, and the wonderful plant habits to her kids. I have yet to bloom a seedling from MERMAID'S LAIR which did not have a blue eye. A necessary hybridizer's dream to achieve that elusive blue! Inquire in fall, needs to increase


MIDNIGHT DRAMA tet 2018(BLACK CHERRY BEAUTY X MIDNIGHT ELEGANCE) 5" blooms; 30" scapes with 3 branches; midseaon; Reb; frag; dor; Combining my two of my recent intros in dark colors, this is one good daylily! Color is very dark black/purple with a striking rose watermark above a bright green throat. A silver white picotee edge surrounds both sepals and petals. The blooms on this darkie have nice heavy substance and seldom mark at all. The pic was taken after a very heavy rain and shows little damage to the blooms. Fertile both ways, I used this kid heavily this summer with both EARL PORTER and MASTER AND BOLD RULER, trying to keep the vigor and hardiness into my next generation of deeply colored daylilies. Fertile both ways, very good parent for, deep clear colors. $30.00 DF


MIDNIGHT ELEGANCE 6-1/4” bloom, 30” scape, 3 branches, reblooms immediately, midseason, frag. Intense deep burgundy with black veins,light lavender/pink halo eye, white into bright green throat. White fringy picotee edge with some teeth on petals and sepals. EXCELLENT parent, sets nearly every pod and throws gorgeous purple to deep red seedlings. Very hardy. 25.00 DF


MISTY MORNING SUNBURST dip (NATURE'S SUNDAY ORGANDY X NATURE'S BLUE WITCHES BREW) SDL.# SO-NBWB; 5" flower, 30" scape, 4-way branching, 20 buds (will bud build),EM, reblooms, SEV, This is the cross of my two best lavendars, and has proven to be the best of both! It has the tremendous scape of NATURE'S BLUE WITCHES BREW,and the lovely color of NATURE'S SUNDAY ORGANDY. Sinfully fertile, I have sold a plethora of its seed on the LA. Very hardy, it grows and blooms with little or no attention. The almost blue color is set off by an applique eye of chartreuse surrounded by a TRUE cerulean blue pencil eye. A bitone, the color is non-fading during the hottest weather. One of the best lavenders produced here in recent years, sinfully fertile, and proving to be an interesting and important parent. (At times, the applique green eye becomes larger and less defined and the line of blue fades some, still a striking and different daylily! ) $45.00 DF


MONKEY FACE (2014) (KANSAS KITTEN x KINDERGARTEN CLOWN) X CHOCOLATE CHERRY DREAMS. This is a cute daylily which looks like a cloud of butterflies when in bloom. Scapes are tall at 36" and carry 4 way branching with tons of buds. The 4" blooms are well spaced on the scapes giving each one star billing. Blooming early midseason and then reblooming, it seems never to be without flowers. The evergreen plants are very hardy and healthy, should do well nation wide. As a parent, it is prolifically pod fertile, giving huge amounts of seed. Babies are usually bicolors, with all kinds of patterns and blue eyes. $35.00 df


height 30 in.(76 cm), bloom 4 in.(10 cm), season M, Rebloom, Dormant, Diploid, Fragrant, 25 buds, 5 branches, Soft lavender petals, near white sepals, blue lavender halo eye with dark lavender veins and white ghost spots in the halo, bright green throat, rings of white pattern around throat.. ((Gizmo x Nature's Blue Waves) × Juke Box) HOLDING FOR INCREASE inquire in fall.

Nature's Blue Waves

NATURE'S BLUE WAVES, em re, 19" scape,4-1/4" bloom ,diploid; Lavender pink with lavender blue wavy pattern in the eye zone. 2005 registration, minimal plants released in 2007. Lineage is Ben Lee X sdlg. This plant has produced more patterned and 'ghost' eyes here than any other except for CONTRA DANCE. Nature’s Blue Waves will throw large flowers if bred to a large flowered plant. NOTE: this makes small plants but they are very vigorous, hardy with mulch in zone 5. $25.00 DF HOLDING FOR INCREASE


NATURE’S BLUE WITCHE’S BREW. If I never bloom another blue-eyed diploid, I could be satisfied with this one. From two plants of my own lines, this has the truest blue eye I have seen from daylilies coming out of the northern states. Most southern-bred blue-eyed diploids look pink here in Illinois, but this one looks just like the picture. The 4" bloom changes from day to day, sometimes the full form of Nature's Blue Waves, and at other times the UF look of its grandmother Oriental Eyes. The 38" scape has 4-5 perfectly spaced branches with 27 or better bud count. It is extremely pod fertile, and pollen is hot. Good clean foliage and winter hardiness make for a winner of a daylily. HOLDING FOR INCREASE


NATURE'S COFFEE CLUB Very nice brown double with a creamy edge. Looks like a cup of cappuccino! 100% double 3-1/2" bloom with a 27" scape which has spectacular branching. Out of Exotic Echo breeding, this gives 100% double seedlings, I have never had a single out of it bloom here. 25.00 DF


NATURE'S CRYSTAL SEA 2019 (MERMAID'S LAIR X BLUE PLANET) Bloom;6" Height;27", ML:RE,BR3;BUDS,18;FR;SEV;tet This daylily has the clearest blue color in the eye and on the sepals of any blue-eyed tet I grow or have grown. The color calls to you in the garden, and has a luminescent quality to it not usually seen in this genre'. Love it! As a newly set seedling, Nature's Crystal Sea bloomed for the first time when only 6 months old and set pods. Very fertile both ways, I have made hundreds of seed from the pollen,several were sold on the Lily Auction. This plant was the parent of quite a few new blue-eyed selected seedlings in both 2017 and 2018. Fertile both ways. $125.00


NATURE'S GRAPE FIZZ, Story 09, 6-1/2" to 7" bloom, 38" scape with 6 branches and 30 buds, early midseason to late; semi-evergreen; extended, fragrant; Seedling x Seedling; NATURE'S GRAPE FIZZ was outstanding for its color pattern from its first bloom, with the light 'fizzy' shots of pink on the dark purple petals and the fringy silver edges. The plant habit though just blows you away with the size of the scapes, branching and bud count, a rarity this far north. One of the healthiest plants I grow, this has never sulked even during a drought. Extremely fertile both ways, and while the 'fizz' pattern is only occasionally transmitted, it breeds large flowered gorgeous purples with tremendous crimped edges in white and silver and super plant habit. A conversation piece and a beautiful daylily. $40.00


NATURE’S HOME FOR CHRISTMAS Tet; (Hot Mama x Barbara Mandrell)#1; Bloom 5-1/2"; Scape 35" with 4 branches and 25 buds; M; Reb; Sev; Fragrant. When this cross of seedlings first bloomed in 2015, I was blown away by the intensity of the colors, and the quality of the plants. It was so hard to choose the best one!! This is the first introduction from the nearly famous Hot Mama, and is a good representation of the seedlings coming from this tremendous parent. The intense, true red color holds all day, and is just as intense in the evening as it was at break of day. A thin pencil edge of silver surrounds both petals and sepals, showing off the near perfectly pleated ruffles. The contrasting deep green throat makes one think of the Christmas holiday, and coming home to those happy memories collected by being with those we love. This is a wonderful daylily, great for landscaping and the hybridizer as well. Fertile both ways. $125.00 DIVISION LIMITED


NATURE'S LITTLE QUIRK Miniature UF with very good branching! The first of a line for small flowered ‘butterfly’ daylilies I have been working on. Parent of many registrations and futures. Extremely hardy and fertile, this is a gardener’s and hybridizer’s dream flower to work with! HOLDING FOR INCREASE


NATURE’S PINK ALIEN This diploid seedling has been a really good one for seed set the past couple of years. Every day it intrigues me with it's consistency in quality of bloom, plant habit and fertility. At 34" scape height, the 6" blooms really show off. The UF form blooms of rose pink have a bright raspberry band surrounding the washed pink eyezone. Scapes sport an average of 3 branches with 18 buds for a very long season of bloom. This daylily also reblooms readily. NATURE'S PINK ALIEN has healthy foliage and is hardy in the north with neglect. Some years this goes completely dormant; others it is semi-evergreen. Since the background on the daylily has a lot of small and mini size flowers in it, I have used it to breed small flowered UF seedlings with very good results. Cute and a nice addition to the landscape. VERY LIMITED $75.00

Nature's Purple Butterfly

NATURE'S PURPLE BUTTERFLY height 24 in.(61 cm), bloom 4.5 in.(11 cm), season M, Rebloom, Semi-Evergreen, Diploid, Fragrant, Unusual Form Crispate, Purple bitone with dark lavender watermark above green throat. ((Oriental Eyes × Ben Lee) × Lavender Blue Baby) Beautiful true purple UF on gorgeous branched and heavily budded scapes. Quilled sepals give the blooms an exotic look. Fertile both ways and a wonderful parent for UF small flowers. $25.00 DF


NATURES PURPLE RHAPSODY Story 09, Bloom 5-3/4", scape 27" with 3 branches and 18 buds; early midseason, will rebloom; TUNE THE HARP X LAVENDER BLUE BABY; Semi-evergreen; Color of this daylily is an intense purple with conspicuous midribs, The eyezone is 'blue jean' blue with various degrees of saturation, especially when the nights are cool. Gorgeous variegation, this has the form and plant habit of TUNE THE HARP and the color and breeding potential of LAVENDER BLUE BABY. Very fertile both ways, and giving some exciting babies. $45.00 df


NATURE’S SMOKEY SHADOWS 6-1/2” bloom, 42” scape, dormant, mid-late, reblooms; grape purple base on petals with very light gray veins and splotches form a 'cheetah' pattern; light blue-gray eye zone with dark veins surrounded by deep grape purple band, bright green throat extends far out to white. sepals solid grape purple are crispate. DISPLAY ONLY $150.00

Nature's Sunday Organdy

NATURE'S SUNDAY ORGANDY has a tall scape at 32" with blooms around 5-3/4", luscious lavender blue coloring really make this lily stand out. NATURE'S SUNDAY ORGANDY is the parent of many clear lavender and blue-toned seedlings which are stunning in their clarity of color and beautiful form. From LAVENDER BLUE BABY X ACADIAN MYSTIQUE, it is hardy in zone 5 with no pampering. Fertile both ways. $20.00 DF


NATURE'S TEACUP TEMPEST dip (LITTLE WILDFLOWER X PENNY'S WORTH)F2; 1-1/2" blooms, 9" scape(or less), 2 branches, 6 buds, instant rebloom, Early, dormant. This little guy has been the cornerstone of my 'teacup' lines which have the smallest flowers and plant habits I have grown here. The plants could literally be grown in a teacup, or at least a coffee mug, they are so small. This little guy blooms double most of the time, but even the single blooms have a happy look to them. The plants are very hardy and healthy, taking almost no care to perform well. This little daylily makes a wonderful substitute to liriope as an edging plant that blooms often! Fertile both ways, the seeds are very tiny and care needs to be taken in growing them out. The rewards are wonderful, as I have even smaller seedlings coming along. Increases like rabbits, so I have almost clump size divisions. $20.00


NATURE’S VICE VERSA tet 6” bloom, 36” scape, 3 branches, early midseason; Lavender pink petals centered with bright green appliqué eye. Dark lavender pattern eye surrounds appliqué eye. Sepals centered with white eye surrounded by light blue band. Midribs pinch. Petals surrounded by dark lavender picotee edge. WITHHELD FOR INCREASE

Nature's Wedded Bliss

NATURE'S WEDDED BLISS,. 6-3/4" bloom; 25" scape, Mid, re, 20 buds, dor.-sev foliage. This flower always stops visitors in their tracks! The large size and the GREEN crimped edging are very unusual. The color of the pic is too yellow. This flower is nearly white with a slight pink blush and slight gold halo above the bright green throat. From Cortina breeding. Have many exciting children coming on from this. One left at $45.00 df


NEON WORKS 5-3/4", 27" scape, 3 branches (2 laterals and terminal 'Y'), 18 buds extended bloom, RE, Fr, SEV. The name comes from the blue fluorescent halo eye. This flower is striking, the eye causes you to stop and look again. The eyezone appears to be neon lit from behind, hard to visualize in the pic but very striking in person. Very fertile both ways, this plant is a great parent for large bright blue eyed babies. Star-shaped, it can breed both UF flowers and full formed blooms with white edges. Limited $15.00 DIVISION


OCTOBER WEDDING Tet (Claudine Scheeter x Baja California) Bloom 7";25" scape; M;Re;Sev; Ext; Fragrant This beautiful orange combines the best of both parents, with the color, hardiness and plant habit of Claudine Scheeter and the fancy edges and heavy substance of Baja California. A true visitor magnet when blooming in clump, October Wedding lines my 'Fox' bed with luscious color and gorgeous form. A bright true orange with a deep green to bright yellow eyezone surrounded by a pencil edge of rose, the nearly 1/2" wide ruffles are the same color as the eyezone and finish the flowers quite well. Although I don't usually gravitate toward orange or yellow daylilies, this beauty really has impressed me the past 4 years. I bloomed a test cross of it in 2018 with nearly all being keeper quality! Fertile both ways. Only one left at $40.00

Paul Edward

PAUL EDWARD This is one of the fastest increasing daylilies I grow, increasing to 9 fans in its second year. Scapes are 26" and well branched with 5" blooms of a nice "brushed" purple blend, a slight pattern in the eye of lighter purple and that gorgeous gilt stand-up and shout edge. The edge is very precise and really makes this flower shine. Very nice bloom! It was named for my dad and has proved itself as a tremendous parent for hardy purples with great plant habit, hardiness and even patterns that cover both eye and edges. DISPLAY


PEACOCK STRUT (Story 2011) Diploid, 5-1/2", 28" scape,4 branches, 20 buds, SE, Ext., fragrant. From the cross of NATURE'S AMETHYST JEWEL (Story 2010) X KANSAS KITTEN, PEACOCK STRUT presents the colors of a strutting peacock in full spread with all the pizzazz of that regal bird. True purple petal and a clear blue halo surrounding the large white to green eye, the blooms really command attention. The white eye is repeated on the sepals to further extend the striking pattern of the blooms. Completely hardy in zone 5 with no pampering, this daylily is fertile both ways and gives lots of seed. Babies have shown both the large white eye and the blue halo. $30.00DF


PINK CATHEDRAL 8" bloom, 28" scape with 4 branches, OE, M, ev, immediate reblooms at least twice in zone 5, PINK CATHEDRAL is an ethereal pink and white blend with a white eyezone, and heavily ruffled petals and sepals with a white to darker pink picotee edge. This flower was tagged as a future intro from the first bloom for its sheer size and very heavy substance. What a joy to find that it is not only extremely vigorous, and fertile, but that it also throws fantastic seedlings. It will add size and improved plant habit to just about anything it is bred to. One of the best daylilies I have produced for both for beauty and plant habit. $45.00 df


PINK ICEBERG 2019 ((SILVER SONG x PINK CATHEDRAL) X JELLYMAKER seedling)Tet;Bloom 7";Height 40";Branches 4;ML;RE;SEV;Fr;Buds 24; Pink Iceberg is one of those daylilies that you have to see in person to appreciate her presence and wonderful plant habits. This one daylily has completely changed the quality of my hybridizing by adding height, plant strength, branching and bud count. I was very conservative in providing stats on this plant, as here she usually sports 5-6 way branching and scapes can be 48", with the blooms approaching 8". Her kids carry these qualities as well, and I have selected seedlings from Pink Iceberg in many colors.The blooms are lovely being a light rose pink with a rose feathered eyezone, rose picotee petal edge surrounded by silver fringe and toothy projections. White midribs spear into the bright green throat and really set off the blooms. One of my favorites for both hybridizing potential and just overall beauty. Fertile both ways. $100.00 sf


PURE VANILLA (2014) From Our Friend Tom Wilson breeding, this diploid has a beautiful full form 5-1/2" bloom, 3 branches with over 20 buds on a 26" scape. Sepals are nearly as wide as the petals and roll back beautifully. Makes a beautiful clump when in full bloom. PURE VANILLA describes the color perfectly, the lush ruffles look like curls of ice cream rolling out of the dipper. Being nocturnal, pollen must be collected the day before the blooms open. Grand parent, throwing larger and taller seedlings with those gorgeous lush blooms. Extremely limited, I have just a few plants for spring. $45.00 DF


RED SHAG (2014) FORESTLAKE DEVIL'S MISTRESS X WILD IRISH This plant has been long awaited by many visitors to my garden and bidders on the Lily Auction. Ruby red blooms are accented with burgundy veins, White midribs explode out of a white to bright green throat. Toothy yellow to white edging on the petals is about a 1/2" in width, sepals also carry the toothy edges. Stand on 37" scapes with 4-way branching. This daylily is throwing some exotic toothy seedlings some have toothy MIDRIBS! She is an exciting parent and great garden plant. Plants are dormant and very vigorous. $45.00 df


RED WHIMSEY 6-1/2" BLOOM, 37" scape, 4 branches, extended, SEV, Mid, RE, VFR, This is definitely the most interesting breeding parent I have used. Pollen fertile, the plant habit is wonderful and the blooms open well. She is basically a bicolor, with a pale peach to yellow edge matching the sepals. Sometimes the petals are a bright red. Other times, RED WHIMSEY blooms as a beautiful pink bicolor. The throat of this plant often show slight variegations in color, making me think that it could very easily throw some patterns. Whatever her look , this daylily throws beautiful bicolors with huge edges and some teeth. ((Wm. AUSITN NORRIS x CHANCE ENCOUNTER )F2 X EVELYN KLOERIS). I am getting reports of this setting pods. Very well liked by the people who have purchased this. SOLD OUT


ROYAL SILK dip (NATURE'S SUNDAY ORGANDY X LEE'S LOSS) sdl.#SO-LL, 6" blooms, 29" scapes with 3 branches (at least), 15 buds or more,ML, Sev, reblooms, fragrant. This is one of the most beautiful daylilies I have seen. It is a clear purple with light blue halo, deep green throat, light blue picotee edge on petals and sepals. The extended white throat really sets off the blooms, and is repeated on the sepals as well. Just a beautiful flower, and producing equally beautiful children. Fertile both ways, but can be more difficult to set pods than my usual offerings. $45.00 DF


RUBY DRAGON tet (RED SHAG X RED FRIDAY), sdl.#RS-RF; 5-1/2" bloom, 40" scape with 4-5 way branching, 20 buds, reblooms, M, Sev. A tremendous parent for white fringed and toothy edges, it is the tallest and healthiest toothy I grow. The color is a clear, intense ruby-red with touches of burgundy on cold days. A slightly lighter halo eye of brighter red surrounds an intense green throat and really sets off the flowers. Spacing on the scapes is near perfect, showing off each flower to full advantage. Almost sinfully fertile, RUBY DRAGON will set most of her pods, even when pollen is added the night before the blooms open or in the evening. This is a wonderful hybridizing tool for northern breeders especially, but should also do well just about anywhere. DF division $75.00


SOME OTHER LOVE Benz seedling from Tet Christmas Is x Pink Monday. This is a fire engine red that does not fade in the sun. Beautiful well branched scapes and plant habit make this a stand out red. Mike Longo says it is the best red he has ever seen for sunfastness. This plant is the grandparent to many of my red tet introductions. One of my first introductions, and people still stop and stare at it. $15.00


STARGATE BEACON, diploid; 6" bloom, 38" scape, 3 branches, MLa, Re, Dormant, FR This was my pick from several excellent seedlings from this cross. Great bloomer and rebloomer, large flowers on nice plants. The eyezone is huge and nearly paper white with a small 'blue' halo eye, contrasts nicely with the intense grape purple petals. The white picotee edge on the sepals gives a unique look. BEACON is lovely in the garden and fertile both ways. SOLD OUT


STARKEEPER Diploid, (Emerald Starburst x Break Dance) Blooms 7";Scape 39" with 4 way branching and 20 buds; M, SEV to Dor, fragrant This was the best overall of the large quantity of seedlings bloomed from this cross, and really stands out in the garden! The color is pristine blue-lavender; you can definitely see the blue tones in the petal color. A HUGE green eyezone sets off the petal color well and is featured on the sepals also. This is a bitone, as the sepals are several shades lighter than the petals. If you look closely, there is a light purple PATTERN EYEZONE surrounding that green throat, and this makes this seedling really stand out!! Fertile both ways. This daylily makes smaller plants than most of my intros, but has very healthy foliage and is quite hardy. ONE LEFT $50.00


SWEET ANNIE diploid 5-1/2” bloom, 4-way branching, 35” scape, SEV, late-midseason; Near white with near black eyezone, light purple band surrounds green throat. Black eyezone extends to sepals. Near black picotee edge on very ruffled petals. $25.00 df


UNCLE LURCH Diploid (2014) (seedling x NETWORK) X PINK STRIPES. UNCLE LURCH is the only seedling to bloom here out of PINK STRIPES that was not striped. Maybe the milkman had something to do with it? It has extremely tall 45" scapes which are top branched with 3-4 branches. Very fertile both ways, the scapes can lean if in the wind and carrying several pods. The blooms are just plain cool, with the bicolor sepals, and the pinched throat. The SeV plants are very healthy and increase quickly. A novelty for the collector of the weird, and the adventurous hybridizer. HOLDING FOR INCREASE


VALENTINE WEDDING 5-3/4” , 26” SCAPE, MID, SEV, near white petals; clear red eyezone bleeds onto petal color, notch at midrib. Eyezone extends onto sepals in different pattern. Very ruffled red picotee edges are surrounded in gilt. Bright green throat. $25.00 DF


VICTORIAN GENTLEMAN ( 2014) POPCORN PETE X LARRY'S OBSESSION This deep grape purple with the white star center has been a visitor favorite since its first bloom A very good parent for purples with edges, many of its seedlings have been marked for future introduction. The 29" scape carries 5-6 way branching and tons of buds. Blooms measure 6", and have a fringy pure white edge that shows a lot of teeth; this edge is transmitted to its offspring. A hardy evergreen, it has gone through drought, open winters and intense cold with ice here without missing a beat. One of the best purples to bloom here. One left at $35.00 DF


VICTORIAN GOWN (2014) SHORES OF TIME X HURRICANE SWIRLS This has been a stellar daylily since its first bloom. It is elegant in its form, having lavish ruffles with a fine lacy pure white edging as the finest gossamer VICTORIAN GOWN. The color is a pure lavender with no red tones, a lighter lavender halo eye and white to green throat. Opens well even on cold nights. Flowers are 6-1/4" on tall 38" scapes with at least 4 way branching. Very good both as a pod and pollen parent, I have bloomed many keeper quality seedlings from this plant. The HURRICANE SWIRLS parentage comes through in the babies as they have angel wings and fringing galore. A great breeding and garden daylily of high refinement. $30.00 df


VICTORIAN VIRTUE 6-1/2” petal, 37” scape, 4-5 way branching, 16 buds. Light purple petals centered with a bright green throat extending to the sepals. Lavender patterned halo eyezone surrounded by grape purple band. Ruffled petals surrounded by triple picotee edge of blue/purple/ white. Extremely fertile both ways, a great parent. $20.00 DF


WHITE SAND BEACH height 25 in.(64 cm), bloom 7 in.(18 cm), season La, Rebloom, Semi-Evergreen, Tetraploid, Fragrant, 12 buds, 3 branches, Stark, near white with bright green throat. (White Mountain × sdlg) Full sister to PINK CATHEDRAL, but a totally different color and look. The whitest registered daylily I grow, and I grow a lot of whites. This one looks white after dark. Great parent being fertile both ways. LIMITED $75.00


WRITTEN IN RED, 3” bloom, 28” scape, Sev Midseason with rebloom, Clear pink with a variegated rose red eye which is also continued on the sepals. A very green throat sets off the color. Makes a beautiful clump and edging. Fertile both ways. $10.00 DF

Described herein are daylilies which were introduced prior to 2021 and are still available from Nature's Edge Daylilies.
Most are grown in limited numbers, and will be available from Spring( when the ground can be worked), until Mid-September. I divide my plants as they naturally come apart, and try not to cut them up too much. So most plants will be double fans with some increase attached. More recent or high demand plants will be smaller divisions, but still a nice sized start. I want you to be happy and successful with anything you buy from Nature's Edge, so let me know if there is ever a problem!
Thanks so much for taking the time to look at my daylilies!

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